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The Future of Housing – How Will We Be Living and What Will We Be Living In?

Future HousingMovies and TV programmes such as Back to The Future II, Tron, Elysium and The Jetsons show depictions of the future and some of the potential homes we could be living in and the way we could be living.

Whether these movies actually show accurate portrayals of the future is one thing but movies like this do, however, make us think about what our lives will be like in many years and what we could be living in.

So what could housing look like the future?

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Four Things to Consider Before Buying a House

Buying HousesWhether you are a first time buyer or an experienced home owner there are always a number of things to consider before buying a house, or even in some circumstances begin searching for a home.

There is so much to consider so we thought we would cover off four key points that we think you should think about before even starting your search or making an offer.

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What’s Trending in The World of Interior Design in 2016?

Interior Sketches for 2016The month of March officially says goodbye to the doom and gloom of winter and the horrible weather. It welcomes the fresh vibrancy that comes with the spring months. Outside we will hopefully start to see some warmer weather and our gardens will begin to bloom with lovely spring flowers; the beginning of our annual daffodil patch is already appearing at our home.

Turning to the inside, everyone associates this new season with some vigorous spring cleaning and blowing away of cobwebs. Winter is out of the way and with the new season comes a new spring of life and desire to revamp your home.

Whether you just generally want to have a good declutter and tidy out your home, or you want to go for the complete overhaul of one, two, or even three rooms, we have been looking into some of this year’s interior design trends, some of which could inspire you.

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Bristol the Green Capital – A Year Down the Line

The Green Capital - BristolAs of Tuesday 9th February Bristol handed over the title of European Green Capital to Ljubljana in Slovenia. What a year it has been for Bristol pushing forward with its plans to demonstrate what more of us should be doing to help benefit the planet.

This time last year, we looked at what Bristol had plans for its year as the Green Capital, so we saw fit that we find out a bit more about what they have achieved.

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What to do If Your Home Is Damaged by Weather

City of York floodsWhilst many of us over the Christmas period were enjoying our turkey, opening presents, and sitting down to watch the Queens speech; lots of others throughout the UK were forced out of their homes due to Storms Desmond, Eva and Frank.

Throughout December record levels of rainfall were recorded and as a result that we are all aware of, many parts of the UK were flooded beyond belief.

Unless you are already aware that you live in an area common for flooding, none of us ever think that this will happen to us. Whether it is complete devastation due to flooding, wind, or other stormy conditions it is difficult to be completely prepared to the effects that a powerful storm can have on your home and life going forward.

With this in mind we thought it would be a great idea to look at some of the key tips for preparing for future weather damage, and what to do if your home is damaged as a result of weather.

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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

New years resolutions for 2016It is that time again when everyone decides that this will be the year that they stick to their New Year’s resolutions. Most of us at one point or other have decided to go with one of the standard resolutions such as lose weight or save money. But apparently our will power isn’t as strong as our desires, and by the end of January your resolutions have gone straight out of the window, that chocolate bar or glass of wine was way too tempting!

But, maybe this year you can try something different, it’s never too late to set yourself a goal for the year, so why not have a go at sticking to a New Year’s resolution for your home. We have been brainstorming some of the best resolutions that could benefit you and your home.

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First Time Buyers: Found Your Dream Home, What Happens Next?

PaperhouseEarlier this year we wrote a blog post all about what first time buyers need to know about purchasing a home; we covered everything we believe you should be aware of in the lead up to buying your first home.

This December saw the launch of a government scheme which has been created to help people save for a deposit to buy their first home.

With that in mind we thought we would continue to help first time buyers by looking at what happens once they have found that dream home they want to purchase.

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7 Creative Uses of Wallpaper in your Home

Handyman carrying rolls of wallpaperWhat are your opinions on wallpaper? Some people love it, some people hate it. Yes it may be a bit of a pain to put up and take off but with the right choice of paper you could create some stunning effects in your home.

Whether you have a love it or hate it relationship with wallpaper we thought it would be a great idea to showcase how much you can do with it other than creating feature walls, or brightly patterned rooms.

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Crafty Christmas Decorations for the Home

Christmas SnowmanThe Christmas season is well and truly in swing now, with Christmas adverts all over the television, and decorations and gifts filling all the stores. I think it is safe to say it is ok to start thinking and planning for Christmas and that includes decorations.

Yes you can go out and spend lots of money on baubles, tinsel, and lots of other decorations; but where is the fun in that? This Christmas we thought why not embrace your creative side and have a go at creating some Christmas decorations of your own. Not only will you have the satisfied feeling of creating your own decorations but it is also a fantastic task if you have children.

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