Buying your home

Helping you to buy your dream home

We at Green Spinnaker know that buying a new home can often be a stressful time, so it is important to us that buying a Green Spinnaker home is as straightforward a process as possible. We have a team of professional partners who are on hand to help whenever needed.

To help you we have put together some information that you might find useful.

Purchase Process Guides you through the individual steps and what to expect when buying a Green Spinnaker Home

Mortgages Explains the jargon that you need to understand when looking at arranging a mortgage and suggests some other resources.

Help to Buy Describes the government schemes available to help you buy your new home

Help to Sell Shows what Green Spinnaker can do for you to make your move go more smoothly.

In all that we do we are bound by the Homebuyers Consumer Code ensuring that all buyers are treated fairly, know what levels of service to expect, are fully informed about their purchase and consumer rights and are provided with a speedy low cost resolution scheme to deal with complaints.

Further Help & Information

Please call 0333 358 3558 for further information about how we can help you buy your dream home.