How To Make your New Home Feel Homey

How To Make Your New Home Feel HomeyAt last you have got the keys to your new home and all the weeks of dreaming, searching, planning and probably stressing, are firmly behind you. The first few moments are so exciting. You are free to explore the rooms for the first time without anyone else looking over your shoulder and you can really take in your new surroundings properly.

It’s strange to think that most people only get to view a property a couple of times before they make the decision to buy – no matter how much they are spending. So by the time they move in, although they will have a good picture of it in their heads, much of the detail may be forgotten. This is where buying a home is so different to any other purchase. Take buying a pair of shoes for example. You have as much time as you want to check them out, try them on and see if they are a good fit. Only when you are really sure, will you commit to buy – and even then, if you have a change of heart, it is easy to return them!

So this is it, your new home. But do not be surprised if it doesn’t feel like home straight away. With time you will get used to how it smells, what noises it makes when the central heating comes on. It will all start to feel a bit less alien. Do not forget that you built an emotional attachment to your last home and it will take time to do the same with this one.

There are some simple things you can do to make your new house feel more homey from the start. For blogger Joy Cho, everyday comforts help her feel settled: “The first thing I do when I move in is pull out all my clean bedding,” she says. “Pillows, duvets, sheets, and throws — the works. There is nothing more comforting than sleeping in your old, cozy bed.” (Source: Good House Keeping)

Here are some other quick fixes that will make you feel more at home within the first few weeks.

Go with what you know and love

There is a lot to be said for sticking with colours, patterns and styles that you had in your previous home. Why spend time and money working your way through countless test pots when you have already discovered your perfect blue? By replicating some of the schemes in your old home and not starting from scratch every time, you will take much of the stress out of decorating. It will also make your new surroundings feel more familiar straight away. Of course, you can still freshen things up by adding new cushions or curtains. Once you feel a bit calmer and more settled, you are sure to get a boost of inspiration and be ready to start experimenting again.

Blooming marvelous

Flowers For the HomeThere is nothing like a beautiful bunch of flowers to brighten up a dull day and a vase full of blooms will work wonders on a dreary room too. Just like when the smell of freshly brewed coffee instantly makes a house feel homely, having flowers around can lift spirits and make everything look that little bit brighter. It will also give you something to focus on rather than looking at all the areas that need attention!

Focus on the day to day

You’ll feel settled much more quickly if you focus on getting the key areas sorted and functioning. Start with your bedroom so you have somewhere cosy and comfortable to retreat to at the end of a busy day unpacking or working. A good night’s sleep will allow you to face the next day with a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm.

Next think about where you are going to keep everything in your bedroom and start getting your clothes organised in the drawers and wardrobes. Monday mornings are difficult enough without having to climb over boxes to find a clean shirt or your favourite cardigan.

Home OfficeAnd if you work from home, make it a priority to organise your desk space and ensure you are connected to the outside world. This will help you minimise downtime and enable you to focus on your work properly.

As soon as you start to establish a normal routine and get on with the task of living day-to-day, you will find that everything quickly falls into place.

Making your Mark

Even if your new home is actually a new build and there isn’t that much that needs to be done it to you have to remember this is your home now. Most new builds as standard will be decorated with neutral colours, and if that is to your taste then all is well, but it is up to you to surround yourself with things that make you feel happy and relaxed so if it is time to grab the paint brush then we encourage you to do so.

This is a learning curve. As you get to know the house, you will start to unlock the potential of each new space, form ideas about how you want to live in them and settle on a plan of how you want everything to look.


If all else fails and you start to feel a bit overwhelmed about what you have taken on, don’t be afraid to ask for help. When you are in the thick of making decisions about where everything should go, or what room you should decorate first, it can be exhausting. A fresh eye, boost of energy or injection of humour from a good friend or family member can help no end. If nothing else, just let them put the kettle on and make you a cup of tea.

The team here at Green Spinnaker are excited for the new Smarts Quarter owners to be making their new homes into spaces of their own very soon. If you are still looking for a place to call home, then why not register interest to keep up to date with our latest news and developments or contact us on 0333 358 3558 for further information.