5 of the Most Amazing and Unusual Homes you Would Never Imagine Existed

If someone says the word ‘house’ to you, what mental image do you get? More than likely you will think of a traditional English home with straight sides, a door, windows and a triangular roof. As a child it is often the first thing we learn to draw…

Kid's drawing of a house

But some innovative and creative minds around the world have pushed the boundaries on the traditional house; from its look to its style and shape. We’ve found some very unusual houses and some truly bizarre ones. Here are our top 5 unusual and amazing houses…

  1. Giant Seashell House in Mexico – Nautilus House

This incredible giant seashell house was built in 2006 in Mexico City. Designed and constructed by Arquitectura Organica’s own Javier Senosiain. Spiral staircases, mosaicked surfaces and not a right angle in sight – what an inspired and colourful home.

You can clearly see the inspiration from Gaudi whose fabulous buildings and architecture have made the Spanish city of Barcelona so famous.

And it is not just a crazy experiment or monument, it is a functioning home to a young family of four.

Curved and colourful seating areas create clean but homely living areas in which the family can relax or entertain friends. The natural light that just pours in has enabled plants to grow in amongst the pathways and furniture. The coloured glass mosaics create a dappled rainbow of natural lighting effects that change throughout the day.

You can check out this amazing architectural achievement here

  1. The Sundial House in France – The Heliodome

The Heliodome, an amazing bio-climatic solar house, built in 2011, near Strasbourg in Eastern France. The crazy structure is designed to look and act like a giant three-dimensional sundial. The designer and cabinet maker, Eric Wasser, created the structure on a fixed angle so as to benefit entirely from the suns movements and the seasons. In the summer months it provides shade and the inside remains nice and cool. In the winter and autumn the sunlight pours into the large windows as the sun’s position is lower in the sky, and the interior is warmed very effectively.

Not only does this house look amazing but it also pushes the boundaries in eco living terms, the clever design that harnesses the seasons means no heating bill in the winter.

Check out pictures of this amazing house here.

  1. Airplane House in Nigeria

Built in 2002, this amazing family home was constructed to symbolise the couples love for each other and their love of travel. The enormous villa can be seen from a mile away!

The 100-foot long plane with an incredible wingspan of 50 feet extends over the sides of the hilltop villa. Inside, the body of the plane which spans the whole top of the house there is a kitchen and inside the cockpit is a computer room with views right over Abuja.

Whilst some people might question the sanity and in fact the aesthetics of this home, we think it shows the labour of love from husband to wife. Creating something completely unique and very personal that means something only to them. This takes ‘putting your own mark’ on a home to a whole new level!

Find out more and view amazing pictures of this the Airplace House here.

  1. The Crooked House – Poland

This fascinating house, the ‘Crooked House’, reminds us of the works of Dali, the house looks like it is melting and folding in on itself. Another structure that defies the use of right angles and conforming to traditional square and rectangle shaped dwellings. Construction was completed in 2003, less than a year after the work started. The inspiration was taken from drawings by artists, Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg.

This house is not actually used as a home but instead has been built as an entrance and walkway through to an existing shopping centre. The mixture of materials used in its construction; wood, stone, metal and glass add a further bizarre dimension to its characterful appearance.

Inside there are a range of steps, lifts and walk ways to take visitors between the neighbouring buildings.

Check out pictures of the Crooked House here, be warned it will make you feel wobbly!

  1. Aura Villa – Cyprus

Futuristic villa built right on a gorgeous beach in Cyprus. We just love the look of this house, inspired by the famous woodblock print “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. The senior architect on this project, Andreas Trisveis of Mobius Design is known internationally for his innovative, bespoke architectural projects and modern interiors.

The house boasts 6 bedrooms, a huge swimming pool and 2 Jacuzzis. Luxurious comfort with a futuristic edge, who wouldn’t want to live here?

Check out pictures of our fifth and final unusual home here.

These amazing houses show the spectrum of possibility when designing and building houses around the world.

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