The Future of Housing – How Will We Be Living and What Will We Be Living In?

Future HousingMovies and TV programmes such as Back to The Future II, Tron, Elysium and The Jetsons show depictions of the future and some of the potential homes we could be living in and the way we could be living.

Whether these movies actually show accurate portrayals of the future is one thing but movies like this do, however, make us think about what our lives will be like in many years and what we could be living in.

So what could housing look like the future?

Sleeping With the Fishes – In a Good Way!

We’re not trying to scare you by quoting The Godfather, but instead of spending your evenings with views of beautiful countryside or city skylines, you could be looking out into the depths of the ocean with amazing views of sea life.

You may be thinking an underwater home, that is ridiculous, that is years away; but it is actually much closer than you think.

Some amazing underwater homes are already being built in Dubai. Designed by the Kleindienst Group, 60 of these amazing homes, named ‘Floating Seahorse’ have already been purchased even though they are yet to be completed.

For the future residents of these homes they will be able to enjoy views of the Arabian Gulf, and other amazing sites that most of us can only experience whilst snorkelling or scuba diving.

So what do you think, would you like to live in an underwater home in the future? Be warned at the moment these homes are fetching £2 million apiece.

Taking 3D Printing to a Whole New Level

Scientist, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock has been quoted saying:

“Our lives today are almost unrecognisable from those a century ago. The internet has revolutionised the way we communicate, learn and control our lives.” (Independent, February 2016)

So what could our lives look like in a century? A report commissioned by SmartThings has been looking into ‘Earth-scrapers’, underwater cities and amazing 3D printed homes. The report suggested that entire houses could be printed in the future, when in actual fact we may be a lot closer than a century away from this futuristic home development technique.

In 2015 it was announced that the world’s first 3D printed apartment building had been constructed in China, and on top of that, the same company claimed to have printed ten houses in 24 hours the year before.

3D printed homes could revolutionise home development, yes this technique isn’t widely available or accepted at the moment but in the future you could be pressing the print button, and your own home could come out 1 day later.

Technology Takeover

Not only will our future homes will be designed differently, built different, and erected in unexpected places; but the way we live our lives in our homes is also predicted to dramatically change.

First of all will technology be taking over our homes? There is already technology by which you can turn on your lights and heating from your smartphone, and for those lazy days, we have even seen a kettle you can turn on with your phone as well. Technology is already playing a huge role in our lives but how could it change our homes in the future.

Future technological advances around your home could include:

  • Heated driveways to avoid snow shovelling (in England, not a necessity)
  • Robot lawn mowers to keep your garden in tip top shape
  • Robots that provide a spare pair of hands in the kitchen
  • Smart body analysers for your bathroom, not only measuring weight, but BMI and heart rate
  • Smart mirrors to offer advice on what to wear and makeup to choose
  • AI systems updating you on the latest news, answering questions and carrying out tasks (do you think that includes the ironing?)

Going Even Greener

Here at Green Spinnaker we are passionate about developing homes with the future in mind, including how our homes will benefit the environment. We have eco-friendly building materials, energy efficient appliances, sustainable energy sources, and even more environmentally friendly tech and features to help make our homes be greener. There are still so many opportunities to make our homes more sustainable.

So what could this include? From ultra-efficient renewable energy, to sustainable building materials and even furniture made from sand and urine (not too keen on that one!) as our technology and knowledge of sustainable products develops we are getting closer and closer to creating homes which can be completely self-sufficient and creating homes that will allow us to benefit the environment for a better future for us all.

Where Will You Be Living In the Future?

Whether it is under the sea or in a home you can control with the sound of your voice, who knows what sort of homes we could be living in in 10, 50 or 100 years. But what is known is how exciting these developments are and the potentials of the future.