The New Interior Design Trends for Autumn/Winter 2014

Longer nights, golden leaves on the trees, and the first frost are all signs of the approach of the autumn and winter months. Alongside the season change comes new and exciting interior design trends to invigorate your senses. People open up their homes at this time of year for parties and family gatherings as the festive season kicks in. some of you may even be moving into a new home just in time for Christmas. Either way, we wanted to share with you some of the hottest interior design trends for this season that will inspire you to try something new in your home.


Indigo Ideal for Autumn/Winter Interior Design for 2014Every season brings a new colour into fashion and this Autumn/Winter the colour is indigo.

This deep purple colour is really making a stand this season. It is a very deep, rich colour often associated with nobility. It’s also versatile and can used in any room in your home.

Whether you create a feature wall, or add splashes of the colour within soft furnishing and other accessories around a more neutral room. This colour will work so well in many different settings and will add a real depth and bold style to your home.


Metallic influences are huge this autumn. We are not suggesting that you paint an entire room in gold, that might be a little over the top. But metallic touches and accents brought to a room are a great way to freshen up the look up your home.

In particular for this autumn touches of silver will go beautifully alongside indigo as a top choice for room colour.

We have been perusing the web for metallic furnishings and there is so much on offer at the moment, cushions, lamp shades, tables, chairs and much more. Be these three items caught our eye.

There is nothing garish and vulgar about these accessories which could be a concern when you think about adding gold, silver or bronze to your home. But as long as you don’t go mad and use items like these to add a touch of sparkle or glamour to a room, you will be pleased with the results.

We have found this fantastic metallic mirror and candle holders which we have fallen in love with and might inspire you when decorating using metallics.

Colour & Print Accents

Are you a bit bored of warm colours and lots of wooden outdoorsy features being the main focus of any Autumn/Winter interior design? If you are then we have the perfect solution for you. Liven up your home this winter by introducing versatile colours and geometric prints that contrast with a simpler and neutrally decorated room.

One option to add a bit of colour to a room is by having an accent wall, just as this works so well with indigo you can also choose a brighter and fresh colour. Or as an alternative you can add colourful soft furnishings with fun patterns such as cushions or rugs.


One fabric of the season this year is velvet. Maybe not everyone’s first choice and we can imagine some people have had some velvet fashion faux pas in their past. But when used correctly velvet can add a touch of soft luxury to your home. Decorating with velvet adds the perfect combination of decadence and snugness; not something that is easy to achieve but is always longed for during the winter months.

Something like this throw would be perfect to snuggle up in this winter, it has that classic luxurious look that you associate with velvet but won’t be too much to add to a bedroom. Alternatively colour as colour accents are also popular this season why not go a bit crazy and add that tough of colour to your room with a piece of velvet furniture, the feel and look of the fabric still adds luxury but the colour brings some fun and life to a room, we love this raspberry pink velvet love tub sofa, but try not to go over bored with too much colour if you do decide to opt for a bright sofa or chair.


Decorate your House with Tartan this Autumn/Winter 2014Last year tartan clothing became the big fashion trend during the Autumn/Winter months. And this year it has been transferred into the home. Tartan has become one of the interior design trends for this season.

Tartan is at the other end of the spectrum in comparison with velvet, in terms of fabrics’ Tartan is perfect in country cottages and rustic homes. But you can add tartan to any style of home; why not bring a touch of the country into your city apartment? Particularly with warm colours, tartan can bring a lovely cottagey and cosy effect to any home, which is perfect when it is get so cold outside.

Tartan works well in a variety of ways, bring a touch of the highlands to your home with tartan curtains, upholstered chairs or warm fleecy throws. Or you could add touches of tartan to your home in a different way with items such as this lamp or rug.

Will You be Implementing These Trends this Winter?

What do you think; will you be implementing some of these ideas into your new home this Autumn/Winter? Whether you like to keep things very traditional or you want to be funky and fun there is definitely something to suit most people this year.

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