How to Make the Most of Small Space with Clever Interior Design

Clever Interior Design for Small Rooms and SpacesDo you live in a small home or have small rooms? It can be a struggle to know how to decorate and furnish smaller spaces without making them look cramped and cluttered.

Not all homes are going to be super spacious, especially if you live in a city centre, this is just a fact that we have to accept. But there are a number of ways to use clever interior design to make the most of even the smallest of spaces.

We have found some great tips on how to decorate and make the most of a small space, so if you put them into good use you might be seeing your home in a whole new light in the future.

The Lighter the Better

Let’s start by talking about colour, or shall we say lack of it. When it comes to decorating a small space you should stick with a light colour palette. Yes this completely goes against our tips on how to decorate with accent colour but dark colours in a small space will have the effect of bringing the walls in closer. Dark colours on the ceiling should definitely be avoided.

The use of a neutral palette or light fresh colours will bring more light into a space and open it up even more than you could imagine.

Up, Up and Away

When considering storage options for decorating your small space as a rule think up, not out. Firstly, the use of tall shelving and cupboards will make a room seem a lot higher and create the illusion of a bigger space.

As well as that, tall cupboards allow for additional storage space which is difficult to achieve with short, wider pieces in limited space.

Another way to add height to your space is to make sure you hang your curtains as high as possible.

Utilize All Areas

When it comes to decorating small spaces you need to put your creative thinking cap on and be a little bit innovative and make clever use of the space, in particular for storage.

One clever person below made use of a commonly wasted space and put some fantastic looking, useful drawers underneath a staircase. Or if you are struggling for storage space in your bedroom then don’t forget about the space underneath your bed which has been used here to store DVD’s below (although that is a lot of DVD’s for one person).

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors create the idea of more spaceA great way to make a room feel like it is double the size is the clever use of mirrors. In a way you should treat mirrors like the best friend to your small space as it will help expand walls, amplify light and break up visual clutter. We have found some great examples of how mirrors have been purposefully used in small spaces; we particularly love how a mirror can be used to look like you have an additional window.

Clever Seating Solutions

Lack of seating is one of many issues which are difficult to resolve in small spaces, the more chairs you have the more space they take up even when they aren’t being used. One option is to use folding chairs and there are some clever ones on the market that will take up minimal space when not being used but they aren’t necessarily very stylish. So another great solution is to go for a bench; not only will this create plenty of seating which can be made nice and comfortable with the use of cushions, but again also creates additional storage space – a clever way to solve to space issues in one.

Are you Ready to Make the Most of your Small Space?

Interior design in a small room or home is difficult, and as with any space there will be different rules and tips on how to really make the most out of it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with living in a small space but it is so much nicer if you can decorate it in a way which actually makes you forget that this was originally a small, cramped room.

Clever interior design can really make a difference so hopefully with these useful tips you will be on the way to making the most of your small space.

If you are ready to move on from your small space and are looking for something new why not register interest with us today on 0333 358 3558 to be kept up to date and find out more about our latest projects.