Help to sell

Getting help with the sale of your existing home

If you want to buy a new Green Spinnaker home but you need to sell your existing home first then you can take advantage of our Help to Sell scheme.

Under this scheme we give you help and assistance with the sale of your existing home so that you can reserve your new home on one of our developments immediately.

The Green Spinnaker Help to Sell scheme works like this:

  • You choose a Green Spinnaker home and tell us that you want to use the Help to Sell Service. This temporarily reserves the property.
  • We organise an independent valuer to visit your home and value it based on sale within a specified period.
  • We suggest an achievable selling price for your home based on this valuation.
  • If you agree to this price then you can reserve your Green Spinnaker property for the specified period for a reservation fee of £1,000.
  • Estate agents will then be instructed to sell your home at the agreed price within the specified period. Green Spinnaker will pay all estate agent fees and marketing costs. We will keep in close contact with them and make sure that your home is properly advertised and all leads followed up. We will also make sure that they give you regular updates on their progress.
  • If you wish, we can also appoint our preferred solicitor and mortgage advisor to help speed the sale process up further.
  • If at the end of the specified period, your home should remain unsold then we will refund your deposit or discuss alternative arrangements.
  • You can withdraw from the scheme at any time, your deposit will be refunded but your new home will no longer be reserved.

Further Help & Information

For more information about buying a new Green Spinnaker home using this scheme please speak to our Sales Advisors on 0333 358 3558 or email