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What’s Trending in The World of Interior Design in 2016?

Interior Sketches for 2016The month of March officially says goodbye to the doom and gloom of winter and the horrible weather. It welcomes the fresh vibrancy that comes with the spring months. Outside we will hopefully start to see some warmer weather and our gardens will begin to bloom with lovely spring flowers; the beginning of our annual daffodil patch is already appearing at our home.

Turning to the inside, everyone associates this new season with some vigorous spring cleaning and blowing away of cobwebs. Winter is out of the way and with the new season comes a new spring of life and desire to revamp your home.

Whether you just generally want to have a good declutter and tidy out your home, or you want to go for the complete overhaul of one, two, or even three rooms, we have been looking into some of this year’s interior design trends, some of which could inspire you.

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Bristol the Green Capital – A Year Down the Line

The Green Capital - BristolAs of Tuesday 9th February Bristol handed over the title of European Green Capital to Ljubljana in Slovenia. What a year it has been for Bristol pushing forward with its plans to demonstrate what more of us should be doing to help benefit the planet.

This time last year, we looked at what Bristol had plans for its year as the Green Capital, so we saw fit that we find out a bit more about what they have achieved.

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